Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mid-Air Collision between 2 F-16s

Earlier today 2 Hellenic Air Force F-16 aircraft collided in mid air during a training exercise south of Crete.

All reports indicate that one pilot is dead and one wounded.

The aircraft belonged to 340 Squadron based at the 115th Combat Wing in Souda. They were part of a flight of multiple aircraft, 6 or 8. One of the aircraft was a single seat C model and the other a two seat D model. Two pilots were rescued shortly after their ejection. The third was found dead several hours later.

This is the second mid air collision between HAF F-16s. The first happened in 2004 and involved 2 F-16D Block 30 aircraft.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Imia Islets are Greek – Turkish MTA Agrees

In 1996 Greece and Turkey nearly went to war over the two Islets in the Aegean known as Imia or Limnia (Kardak in Turkish). The website of the Turkish Directorate of Mineral Research & Exploration (website) is still showing a map with the correct and established borders as Turkey herself has recognised. The map can be found here.

The Imia Islets cannot be seen on the map but are located to the west of the depicted border and to the right of Kalolimnos (Prassole) and above Pserimons (Kappari).The Imia Islets are located at 37º02’N – 27º08’E.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Fox2 Magazine Volume 4

The guys at Fox2 Magazine have done a great job again with their online publication, now on its fourth volume. You can find the new edition here (in Greek).