Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mid-Air Collision between 2 F-16s

Earlier today 2 Hellenic Air Force F-16 aircraft collided in mid air during a training exercise south of Crete.

All reports indicate that one pilot is dead and one wounded.

The aircraft belonged to 340 Squadron based at the 115th Combat Wing in Souda. They were part of a flight of multiple aircraft, 6 or 8. One of the aircraft was a single seat C model and the other a two seat D model. Two pilots were rescued shortly after their ejection. The third was found dead several hours later.

This is the second mid air collision between HAF F-16s. The first happened in 2004 and involved 2 F-16D Block 30 aircraft.

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  1. It is rather sad to learn that two of our pilots were lost in their efforts to defend our borders.

    I am afraid however that we have not seen the end of the disasters that will follow as a result of the dead wrong policies that incompetent and corrupt Greek governments and Greek politicians have followed during the last thirty years or so in the area of defense and of the economy.

    They have destroyed the Greek defense industry, they have failed to create jobs and to support innovation in this critical sector, they have bought worthless weapons at extremely high prices, they have put the country in huge debt, they have engaged in back room secret dealings with Goldman that they kept secret from the Greek citizens and they have followed a dead end policy of appeasement towards Turkey. Now they are trying to cut from military training and military compensation.

    The sad thing of all this of course is that they fail to admit or understand or accept what they have done and these same people continue to seek political office today so that they can do more damage....