Thursday, July 8, 2010

Turkey Set on Raising Tension in the Aegean

After a few days on cat and mouse games where Turkey would stage accidents at sea in order to contest Greek jurisdiction on Search And Rescue areas Turkey returned to its old ways of airspace violations and over flights of Greek sovereign space.

Yesterday 8 Turkish Air Force fighters, 4 F-16s and 4 F-4s, entered the Athens FIR unannounced north of Samos Island at 15:59. On their way out of Aegean airspace the Turkish fighters overflew the Greek island of Agathonisi, as has been done numerous times in the past.

Due to the recent restrictions imposed on the Greek Ministry of Defence with regards to informing the public it is unclear whether the Turkish aircraft were successfully intercepted or not. It has ben reported that the Turkish aircraft overflew Agathonisi Island after ben intercepted by Greek fighters but also that Greek fighters did not make it to the area in time for an interception.

Regardless of Turkish provocations, Greek PM Papandreou continues his insistence on secret diplomacy with Turkey where only Greek sovereign rights are at stake without the slightest hint of informing the Greek public.


  1. Why doesn't Greece place anti-aircraft missiles on Agathonisi? I bet the Turkish F-16s would think twice about flying over it again.

  2. this goverment has already solds us out.

  3. When you have a half-Greek leading the government what did you expect (secret meetings/lying about Turkish threats/overflights....what is "he" hiding from the Greek people!)...then again the ND leader was just as stupid and incompetent.
    It really seems leaders of all the political parties are simply puppets of foreign powers.
    Time to clean up the cesspool and put in someone in power who is proud of his heritage and will put in place policies and strategies that will ensure Greece's survival.

  4. is it true that papadreou is seeking a seat in the next turkish election.

  5. Why doesn't Greece place anti-aircraft missiles on Agathonisi? I bet the Turkish F-16s would think twice about flying over it again."

    Do you REALLY want a full blown war with the Turks, especially now? Who will help the Greeks? Is it the North Europeans, the Italians, the British, the Americans? Or maybe Albania and FYROM? The answer is NO ONE. Greece has managed to alienate everyone. No friends and no money are no time to start a war.

  6. I don't think anyone except the Turkish military wants a full-blown war...what else can one surmise from their ongoing agression?

  7. since 1453 :)))))