Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Serious Turkish Provocation against Greek Navy

A formation of 7 Turkish Air Force aircraft (4 F-16s and 3 F-4E Terminators) conducted a mock attack on the Hellenic Navy Frigate Salamis (F-455). The Turkish aircraft entered the Aegean between Chios and Lesbos Islands. The formation entered an area in which the Greek Navy was conducting the “Kataigis” exercise. At one point 2 of the 3 F-4E lowered their altitude and conducted a mock strafing run against the Greek frigate.

The Greek Navy frigate locked onto the Turkish aircraft during this incident and subsequently the Turkish fighters left the area. The incident can be considered as very serious and could lead to serious accidents happening.

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  1. did papandreou apologised to his turkish mates?