Tuesday, May 25, 2010

True Lies

During his recent visit to Athens Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan said, among other things, that Turkey doesn’t bomb other nations. A few days later the Turkish military attacked PKK positions in Northern Iraq.


  1. they are bombing terrorist not a nation.get your maniac greek mentality over mate it causes cancer...

  2. So you can bomb another country's army, or civilians or whatever and say you're not bombing another nation but an army, right?

    How many terrorists did they kill in this attack by the way?

  3. I thought the Kurds are a nation. Perhaps they are not a nation-state yet but they are a nation. Therefore, if Turkey is bombing Kurds, then they are bombing a nation. Simple.

  4. Anonymous dude is back.Hmmm cancer is contagious as I thought .So terrorist organisations are now nations? Those air operations were conducted against a terrorist organisation called pkk not on random kurds living in north iraq nor against north iraq militia,nor their goverment,officals ect...

    "So you can bomb another country's army, or civilians or whatever and say you're not bombing another nation but an army, right? "

    whose army and civilians were bombed ? want to eloborate it? Seriously get your facts straight before spreading your nonsense greek propaganda.

  5. The point is Turkey bombed another country. It's simple, you cross a border and toss bombs, for whatever reason, and you're bombing another sovereign country. Something Erdogan likes to blame others for, i.e. Israel, but claims that Turkey doesn't do. The issue here is not what or who you're bombing but where.

  6. Anonymous dude strikes back.Hellenic News your arguments for bashing turkey are really ridiculous(turkish pm lied about bombing another country booooo) find something more useful please even your arguments are -I m sorry to say but- retarded(I m pretty sure its about maniac greek mentality on turks) anyway mate cheers have fun...

  7. why do Greek people fear the Turks? Turks don't want anything from Hellas. The Past is gone. Turks are not barbarians. They are people just like you

  8. @the Anonymous dude that likes to strike back.
    Get your pro-turkish racist attitude and get the hell out of here. Turks are predatory barbarians that squeeze every opportunity to push forward their neo-ottoman empire. The past is not over dude. Turkey is not only the occuppied Constantinople, or the west coat of Asia Minor. You have not seen the real Turkey dude. Travel the country, you will find out.
    PKK are freedom fighters for Kurdistan and the Kurds, just like the Afgan mudjahedin that were supported by the US until they became al Quaeda when they did not fit the bill.
    Turks want everything from Greece. Get your head out of your ass.
    I guess your favorite word is "strike". You must be of Turkish, or American descent
    Stop being an obnoxious non-greek barbarian dude.

  9. "Get your pro-turkish racist attitude" ,"Turks are predatory barbarians" point taken sighh....

  10. Actually the pro-Turks should eat their words as Turks not only do bomb other nations (Iraqi Kurdistan) but they rarely hit PKK Kurds and instead hit innocent civilian Kurds in rural areas.

    Turks are barbarians who not only want Greek land but Kurdish land in Iraq as well because the Kurdish capital in Iraqi Kurdistan has a couple thousand people of Turkic descent and it has tons of oil.

    Long Live Kurdistan! Freedom to the Kurds in Turkey!