Monday, May 31, 2010

Greek-Israeli Military Manoeuvres Cancelled

The Greek-Israeli Air Force Exercise “Minos 2010” was cancelled today on the orders of Greek PM Papandreou. The order comes as a result of Israel’s intervention in the “Gaza Flotilla” in which 19 people have reportedly been killed.

The military action by Israel is making headlines all over the world at the moment. Israel had warned that it would intervene and not allow the flotilla to reach Gaza.

The baffling part of this whole story is that the Greek side has been lured into this conflict by having people and ships join the Turkish NGO on their quest to do something which was sure to end in violence. The flotilla is widely seen as a political statement against Israel by Turkey. By cancelling the military exercise the government is taking a firm position against Israel and is effectively siding with Turkey on the issue. Why?


  1. papandrou is our quisling.

  2. Why you always want to fight ? Two nation lived under peace for hundred years. Now you are refusing all the peace efforts. Fighting never benefits two nations but being friends benefits two nations.

  3. There goes Greece, burning yet another opportunity...

    From Hurriyet Online, 6/3/10:

    Turkey's military programs with Israel remain in place
    Thursday, June 3, 2010
    ANKARA - Hürriyet Daily News
    Turkey’s military ties with Israel have not been hindered by the ongoing tension over Israel’s killing of civilians on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla. Defense Minister Vecdi Gönül says there are no large-scale joint projects, but ongoing programs with Israeli defense companies are worth hundreds of millions of dollars and will continue.