Friday, May 28, 2010

Greek Coast Guard Prevents Greek Citizens from Raising the Flag on Greek Soil

Strategy-Geopolitics has posted a disturbing item which claims the Greek Coast Guard has prevented citizens from Northern Greece to raise the Greek flag on the Zourafa Rock in the Aegean. According to a confidential Coast Guard document which was leaked on the internet, the flag could not be raised due to the “danger of damage being caused to the lighthouse installation and its operation due to the rock’s morphology”.

Zourafa can be found at 6 nautical miles northeast of Samothraki Island and is a basic point for the delineation of Greece’s eastern borders. The Coast Guard has also forbidden fishing in this area. Greek fishermen that sail through the area are routinely harassed by the Turkish Coast Guard while Turkish fishermen can fish in the area undisturbed.

One problem facing the Zourafa rock is that it is slowly sinking into the sea. According to historical data of the Hellenic Navy’s Hydrographical Service the rock had a coastline of 465 metres. Today, some decades later, this has shrunken to just 32 metres.

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