Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Week at a Glance

Minister of Defence Venizelos in a speech hinted that the competition for the Air Force’s new Advanced Trainer Aircraft could be scrapped in order to save funds for the acquisition of new fighter aircraft. According to the minister a European initiative for pilot training could be the way forward. With this he means the Eurotraining programme which, if established, will probably be too late as the Greek Air Force’s T-2 trainer aircraft are already out dated and reaching end of life. See here.

The Greek Civil Aviation Authority approved a Turkish Search and Rescue Exercise in the Aegean. The exercise is to take place between the islands of Skyros, Lesvos and Psara. This area falls within the Athens FIR and the Greek area for responsibility for SAR operations. However, the Turkish side issued a NAVTEX saying: “SEARCH AND RESCUE (SAR) EXERCISE ON 29-30 APR 10,IN THE TURKISH SAR AREAS BOUNDED BY”. See here and here.

On the 22nd of Apil at midday an accident occurred with a Hellenic Air Force A-7E. The aircraft was struck by a bird while flying at an altitude of 3,000 feet. The impact destroyed the front left side of the canopy and injured the pilot. The pilot diverted to the Kalamata Air Training Base where he landed his aircraft. See here.

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