Monday, April 12, 2010

Hellenic Air Force Faces Severe Aircraft Availability Problem

Several articles have been written lately about the fact that the Greek Air Force is facing mounting problems with the availability of its combat aircraft. Poor planning and poor resource management have led to the Air Force’s two main types of fighter aircraft, the F-16 and Mirage 2000 fleet, being left without sufficient spares. On Saturday an article in “To Pontiki” newspaper mentioned that at this stage in time only 45% of Greece’s F-16 fleet is operational. Supposedly only 90 F-16 fighters are operational, out of a fleet of around 160.

Minister of Defence Venizelos is desperately trying to get about 160 to 170 million Euros released for the acquisition of vital spares. These spares should have been ordered years ago and follow on orders should have been carefully planned. The previous Minister of Defence, Meimarakis, bears a heavy responsibility in this matter as he neglected to tackle this issue when there was still time. Even if the contracts are signed today it will take a long time before availability will reach desirable levels.

The whole matter is outrageous on many levels. The Air Force is the first line of defence against Greece’s expansionist neighbour, Turkey. These fighter aircraft, training and infrastructure have cost the Greek tax payer billions. Their sacrifices are for nothing if the political leadership of the Ministry of Defence cannot keep the most self explanatory matters under control. It shows a total lack of disrespect for the tax payers and those chosen few having to scramble to intercept Turkish aggressors every day.


  1. Not surprising, since the Greek state cannot provide basic healthcare and education services for citizens.

  2. what did you expect from the previous goverment,they never took defence matters seriously.

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