Sunday, March 21, 2010

Provocations Continued

DefenceNet reports that early this morning there was a repeat of Friday’s provocation as described in the previous post. Today, a little past 08:00 two Turkish F-16 took off from Dalaman airbase in order to intercept a Hellenic Coast Guard AS365 Dauphin 2 helicopter. The Greek helicopter was in the area of Farmakonisi Island on a FRONTEX mission and was approached by the Turkish fighters to a distance of about 700 metres. The Turkish fighters then proceeded to fly over Farmakonisi Island.

Two Greek Mirage 2000-5 interceptors had already been scrambled and at that time had locked on to the Turkish intruders. The two Turkish fighters made a sudden climb to 9,000 feet, presumably attempting to break the lock. The two Greek fighters then escorted then out of Greek airspace.

The Greek helicopter had been receiving threatening messages from the Turkish radar station Datca previous to being intercepted.

The Greek Air Force has been put on a higher state of alert following today’s incident. It is the first time that such an incident happens on a Sunday, a day when normally only emergency flights take place.


  1. Perhaps the answer to these idiots will be a nice little system like this:

  2. Is the HAF looking at the T-50? It looks like a first class fighter comparable to the F-22(which is not for sale anyway):