Monday, March 22, 2010

Cost Cutting in Vital Military Exercises

Strategy-Geopolitics reports that last week the Military General Staff Council adopted recommendations to cancel all major military exercises for 2010. The cancellations affect major national military exercises such as “Sarisa”. Reportedly the Hellenic Air Force’s participation in another edition of Red Flag will also be affected. A host of other exercises will also be cancelled.

Hellenic Defence News note: Having served in the military in Greece for a year and a half there’s a lot I have learned. I saw the Army’s strong points and the Army’s weak points. Personally I felt that I could have received a much better training than I did. Not that the training was bad or insufficient, but it could have been much better when taking the threat Greece faces into account. However, I did learn many things during my service. I learned the basics at the start, in boot camp. Then I learned the important things during exercises. That’s when you get to see the important stuff. That’s when you learn to cooperate with other units, use your equipment properly, learn to operate at night, bad weather etc. Cutting these exercises can have dire consequences for the readiness of the Armed Forces. Hopefully this news is not entirely accurate, but judging by other reports in the media it probably is.


  1. Cutting costs is important, but cutting away at training will cost far more than money if the armed forces ever are called upon to defend the nation. Training and experience matter more than people think, especially if the military has lots of expensive weapon systems but lots of personnel with little proficiency in their use or very little military training and experience. Lots of people die, those expensive pieces of military hardware become expensive targets for better-trained militaries, and worst of all, your country is not adequately defended.

  2. all these people responsible for this mess were in should be arrested and shot for treason