Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hellenic Air Force Interceptions

A number of Greek websites commented on a recent newspaper article which described how the Hellenic Air Force has changed its approach to carrying out interceptions of Turkish Air Force fighter aircraft which violate Greek airspace or trespass in the Athens FIR without submitting flight plans.

Some procedures have supposedly changed as the Greek side has introduced some technological advantages which no longer make it necessary to engage in dangerous dogfights as often as in the past. An Air Force source went as far as to comment that lately Turkish pilots do not seek to enter into engagements with Greek pilots, presumably because they know that they will not win.

The issue is, however, whether this change is really due to the fact that there is no longer a need to enter into dogfights or whether Greek pilots have been ordered to keep their distance from Turkish fighters, in order to prevent accidents. Strategy-Geopolitics asks the question whether this is indeed the case and seeks to obtain some sort of clarification on the official Greek position.

If Greek pilots have indeed been ordered to not engage Turkish intruders beyond a 6 mile limit then Greece is de facto abandoning its position that its airspace is 10 nautical miles. It seems improbable that the number of dogfights can decrease while the number of Turkish incursions is on the rise. The two just don’t stack up. Unfortunately, as is usually the case, the Greek political leadership will likely not find it necessary to tell the Greek taxpayers the truth.


  1. what do you expect,we have traitors in goverment

  2. no more papandrous no more mitsotakis no more karamalis no more kkk ,we need people with vision and proud to be greek