Monday, December 28, 2009

Turkey Threatens to Intercept Greek C-130

En Kripto (among others) reports that a Hellenic Air Force C-130 transport aircraft carrying out a scheduled supply flight in the Aegean received two warnings from a Turkish air defence site, claiming that the Greek aircraft was violating Turkish airspace. The C-130 took off from Rhodes at 12:35 today. It received two warnings at 12:38 which were ignored as the aircraft was clearly flying within Greek airspace. DefenceNet also reports that the aircraft received a threat that a tactical operation would be mounted against it if it did not comply.

At 12:40 the Turkish side used the hotline between the two Air Force command centres to notify the Greek side that the Greek aircraft ignored the Turkish warnings. The Greek side notified the Turkish side that the hotline is meant to be used or emergency situations only and also rejected the Turkish claim citing International Law and existing borders.

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