Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Turkey Seeks for Greece to Abandon its Firing Ranges

Following our last post here is a translation of an article from Strategy-Geopolitics regarding the recent Turkish activity in the Aegean.

The Turkish Government’s provocations in the Aegean have taken on a new form by sending Turkish fighter aircraft into areas reserved for exercises by the Greek Armed Forces while these are in progress. The aim is to bring into question Greece’s right to reserve such areas in the Aegean.

- On the 11th of November 4 armed Turkish fighters tried to hinder the Greek Search And Rescue exercise Ionas 09 in the central Aegean between Chios and Samos, an area which was reserved for this purpose (see here).
- On the 8th of December 6 Turkish fighters breached the reserved area between Ikaria, Mykonos and Fournoi where a joint Greek-French exercise was taking place (see here).
- Yesterday, 14 December, two Turkish F-4s violated the airspace of the Andros firing range, where LST of the Hellenic Navy were conducting live fire exercises.
- Today a formation of 16 aircraft entered the Athens FIR between Limnos and Lesvos and moved to the area which was reserved by Greece for the TRIAINA exercise. This exercise was later cancelled due to bad weather.

These actions are a clear differentiation as to their provocative nature and greatly increase the danger of an accident happening.

Hellenic Defence News note: The last event is suspicious as it is very unusual for the Greek Armed Forces to cancel exercises due to bad weather. If fighter aircraft could approach the area the weather would logically be good enough for the exercise to continue. It is possible this was another example of Greece backing down from its legitimate rights.

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  1. I look forward to the Turks entering NAMFI missile range, which also extends into international air space.