Monday, December 14, 2009

New Turkish Provocation in the Aegean

DefenceNet reports that 4 F-16s and 4 F-4Es of the Turkish Air Force entered the restricted area of the Andros firing range at a time Hellenic Navy ships were exercising in the area.

Specifically the Turkish aircraft entered the Athens FIR between Limnos and Lesbos at 10:34. At 10:48 two F-16s broke off from the main formation and entered the area of the firing range where HN ships were conducting exercises.

The formation exited the Athens FIR roughly 25 minutes later at 10:57 after the hotline between the National Air Operation Centre in Larissa and the Turkish one in Eskisehir was used.

This move by Turkey is of an entirely different nature than the already highly provocative action last week where Turkish aircraft again entered in a reserved area where Greek aircraft from 225 Squadron were exercising with French fighters from the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier. At that time Turkey had issued a NOTAM with which it did not recognise the Ikaria area as one were military exercises can be held as Turkey considers that area demilitarised.

Today’s action by Turkey comes at a time when Turkish Naval units are deployed in the Aegean as part of an evaluation exercise.

One point which raises serious questions in this matter is that (according to DefenceNet) the Turkish fighters were not intercepted by Greek fighters on this occasion.

Hellenic Defence News note: When will NATO stop making a mockery of itself? It is allowing a member state to question the sovereignty of another member state. It is allowing NATO assets to be used in aggressive actions against a member state. All this has been witnessed by numerous NATO allies on various occasions? Consecutive Greek governments have for decades been complete embarrassments to the notion of Greek sovereignty. Unfortunately for NATO, it is just as bad.

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  1. Forget NATO.

    What I cannot figure out is what the Greek politicians are doing and why are they holding back the Hellenic Air Force?

    Can't they see that their policy of appeasement of Turkey makes matters worse?

    This is common sense. You don't have to be rocket scientist to figure out...

    Shoot them Down!!!