Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Widespread Psychological Operations from the Turkish General Staff

Strategy-Geopolitics reports on an article by the Turkish “Zaman” newspaper which is leading the way in revelations regarding the so called “Action Plan to Combat Regression”. It revelas that the Turkish General Staff is responsible for the operation of 24 radio stations inside and outside of Turkey with the aim of spreading propaganda. Of these, 5 belong to the General Staff, 12 belong to the Army, 3 belong to the Navy, 3 belong to the Gendarmerie and 1 belongs to the Coast Guard. This information is included on the CD titled “Psychological Warfare Foundations” which was sent last Sunday by an anonymous officer.

Of particular interest is the revelation that the Turkish General Staff has approved a budget for the creation of a computer strategy game aimed at the Turkish youth based on Turkish history and Kemal Ataturk. The game will feature the Asia Minor War, Battle of Gallipoli and invasion of Cyprus.

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