Monday, November 16, 2009

Two Turkish Attack Aircraft Overfly Agathonisi Island at 3,000 Feet

DefenceNet reports that today Turkish Aircraft overflew Greek territory. It is the second time within 40 days that something like this happens and after the new government came to power in Greece. The double over flight in fact occurred a few minutes after Assistant Minister of Defence Beglitis stated that there will be no more tolerance for Turkey’s attitude in the Aegean.

Specifically two Turkish F-4 2020 Terminators broke off from their formation of 8 aircraft (4 F-16s and 4 F-4s) which entered the Athens FIR South of Lesbos Island at 15:06 and flew over Agathonisi Islands at an altitude of just 3,000 feet. The Greek Air Force sent interceptors which identified the Turkish aircraft , as per standing instructions, after which the Turkish aircraft exited Greek airspace at 15:38.

The details of this new provocation by Turkish pilots were given by the Ministry of Defence to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs so that the Greek Ambassador in Ankara can lodge an official demarche.

At the same time the representatives of NATO allies in Brussels were also informed of the provocation.

Assistant Minister of Defence Beglitis made the following statement after his meeting with US Undersecretary of Defence Alexander Vershbow: “We are ready to discuss, within a NATO framework, issues which are related to Turkey’s behaviour, under one basic condition: The complete acceptance by Turkey of the rule of International Law and International Treaties which exist and are respected by all regarding the Aegean. We cannot accept and we will not accept any behaviour of Turkey which violates basic principles of International Law and International Treaties.”

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