Monday, November 30, 2009

Stolen Helicopter Engine Found

In an exclusive “En Kripto” reports that the stolen Makila engine of a Super Puma helicopter has been recovered (for the original story on the theft see here). The engine was stolen some weeks ago from the 202nd State Aircraft Factory. In the beginning of November a report surfaced which claimed that a part or parts of the stolen engine were possibly found in Igoumenitsa Port (see here). En Kripto reports that according to its sources the engine was found whole inside a container in Igoumenitsa Port and was about to be installed in a cigarette smuggling vessel.

Installing such an engine in a racing boat makes their performance skyrocket and virtually impossible to be intercepted by the coastguard. Installing turboshaft engines in racing boats is relatively common outside of Greece and there are several companies that specialise in this.

En Kripto further makes a connection between the engine theft and the confiscation some months ago of a high power smuggling vessel by the Greek Coastguard and wonders whether the theft is a some sort of “answer” to the confiscation.

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  1. Are going to see those responsible going to jail over this? This is an inside job, so we need to see those responsible exposed and prosecuted.