Wednesday, November 11, 2009

NURSET 2009 Exercise

En Kripto reports that the Hellenic Navy is participating in the Turkish Allied exercise NURSET 2009 with one minesweeper (M-248 Pleias). The Greek ship is participating in the exercise between the 6th of November and the 16th of November in the Dardanelles area. Besides the Greek minesweeper Turkish and Bulgarian units are participating as well as NATO’s Second Standing Maritime Mine Countermeasure Groups (SNMCMG-2) of which the Greek minelayer Calisto is also a part.

More specifically, Turkey is participating with 9 mine warfare ships, 2 rescue ships, 1 helicopter and with air force fighters.

According to the Navy General Staff the purpose of the exercise is the training of units in tactics and mine warfare in an asymmetric threat environment. Another purpose is the promotion of communication and understanding in the framework of Confidence Building Measures in line with instructions from the Greek Prime Minister.

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