Friday, November 13, 2009

Imia Conspirator Uncovered

Zougla online reports that the identity of one of the architects of the Imia Crisis of 1996 has been uncovered.

The article explains how Onur Oymen, the vice-president of the Republican Party, lied and omitted information which led to the Imia Crisis.

Oymen staunchly opposes any rapprochement with the Kurds in Turkey and his party has accused Prime Minister Erdogan with treason due to his efforts to improve relations with the Kurds.

During the political debates regarding the Kurdish issue information on the Imia Crisis was uncovered.

Oymen was the assistant minister for foreign affairs in Turkey during the crisis. His political opponents have now uncovered that during the crisis Oymen planned this crisis by keeping secret a coded message from the Turkish embassy in Italy regarding the ownership of the Imia islands. The message contained proof from the Italian side that Turkey did not have a claim to the ownership of the Imia islands.

The Zougla article goes into more detail about Oymen and his involvement in the Kurdish issue.

Hellenic Defence News note: The fact that there was a coded message from the Turkish Embassy in Italy to the Turkish government making it clear that Turkey had no claim to Imia is already widely known. The question is whether the crisis would have reached such a dangerous and deadly stage if the message had been actually been delivered to Turkish Prime Minister Ciller. Would this have made a difference? After all, it is known today yet Turkey still claims ownership of Imia.

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