Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Greek Army OSINT Centre

This link has an interesting article on the creation of the Greek Army’s Open Source Intelligence Centre. The article is written by Ioannis Michaletos for the Research Institute for European and American Studies. The following are some extracts from the article:

“[The centre] is composed by 150 members (Officers& NCOs) that were selected on basis of their knowledge of foreign languages, internet management and education on issues relevant to OSINT management and intelligence gathering. Moreover most of the members of this unit underwent training in Greece and other NATO countries on the aforementioned sectors and some of them hold degrees in international relations, diplomatic studies and journalism.”

“The weekly Greek newspaper “Investors world” comments that this new Army unit is the first of its kind in South Eastern Europe and will play a decisive role in collecting the vital pieces of Open Source information that the country's Army might need. Already at least 90% of all information collected from intelligence or security services; comes from OSINT and it is vital for any organization to have its own modus operandi of getting the “Big picture” that hides behind a multitude of incoming information.”

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