Monday, November 2, 2009

Air Space Violations Heating Up

DefenceNet reports that today 6 Turkish Air Force fighter aircraft flew directly over Farmakonisi Island while the total number of Air Space Violations reached 20. It is the first time since the new Socialist government came to power that Turkish Air Force jets directly overfly Greek soil. The overflight happened at 1,300 metres.

Specifically, 8 Turkish F-16s entered the Athens FIR at 15:04 and 6 minutes later 6 of the aircraft overflew Farmakonisi Island.

Greek fighters intercepted the Turkish jets and escorted them during their flight until they exited the Athens FIR north of Chios Island.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been notified and it is expected a formal demarche will be made to Turkey.

Turkey does not recognise Farmakonisi Island as Greek soil, something also evident from its harassment of Frontex flights in the area.

A total of 16 Turkish fighters made a total of 20 violations today in the northern and central Aegean. There was also one mock engagement.

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