Friday, October 30, 2009

Two Fast Attack Craft Delivered to the Navy

Strategy-Geopolitics reports that the Eleusina Shipyards have delivered two Missile Fast Attack Craft to the Hellenic Navy. The FACs were at the shipyard undergoing a Mid Life Update programme (MLU). The craft that have been delivered are P21 Blessas and P22 Mykonios. Both craft belong to the Combattante IIIA class. One craft was already delivered previously and one more (P23 Troupakis) remains to be delivered.

The weapons systems on the FACs have not been changed. The previous counter measures system for flares and chaff (Mk34 RBOC) has been replaced by the newer ALEX system with two Mk137 units. Other equipment that is new is a 2 dimenional Variant search radar, a LIROD Mk2 tracking radar, a MIRADOR electro optical system, a SCOUT Mk2 surface search radar and a BridgeMaster E navigation radar. These systems along with the existing DR300SLW Electronic Support System (ESM) have been integrated into a TACTICOS Combat Management System (CMS) with 4 Mk3 workstations. A type MDM2002 Link 11 system has also been installed. Several other subsystems have also been replaced.

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