Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Temporary Mobilisation Along Evros River

Strategy-Geopolitics reports that some minor tension was created recently along the banks of the Evros river as a result of a Greek Army exercise. Tanks from the Greek Fourth Army Corps took positions in a pre-planned exercise. Strategy Geopolitics refers to an article published today by “Chronos” newspaper. A Turkish army guard on the opposite side of the river noticed the Greek manoeuvres and sounded the alarm (the Greek soldiers at that particular time seemed to have been on a break). The Turkish response was swift with Turkish units arriving near the river in record time. At that stage forces from both sides were facing each other.

The tension was diffused with the mutual withdrawal of forces after commanders from the two sides communicated on the issue. It seems that for some time there was considerable tension on the Turkish side.

Hellenic Defence News note: This incident is strange considering the fact that there is a protocol in place between the two sides regarding military exercises. Supposedly each side has to notify the other if more than a given number of troops and vehicles enter a given distance from the border during manoeuvres to avoid what just happened. Also, the fact that the Turkish side responded so swiftly shows a marked improvement in the emergency response times of the Turkish Army.

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