Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Conscription System under Strain

DefenceNet and other media report that the Ministry of Defence will soon stop taking on conscripts into the Navy and Air Force. The move comes as a result of the previous government’s decision to cut mandatory military service from 12 to 9 months.

Manpower levels in Army units, which are already low, are expected to drop another 20% compared to last March.

As a result of these developments the new leadership of the Ministry of Defence is close to deciding to no longer allow conscripts to join the Navy and Air Force and instead to only allow conscripts to serve in the army.

The military leadership has already given its seal of approval to this scenario. The Chief of the Army, General Frangoulis, considers that this is the only way that a bare minimum manpower level can be maintained at crucial units.

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  1. Greece should financialy encourage young men serving in the military to have large families and offer benefits in forms of discounted schooling and tax brakes for there resulting offspring.