Monday, October 26, 2009

Armoured Fighting Vehicles for the Hellenic Army

En Kripto reports that at the end of September a number of Greek Army officers travelled to the United States to inspect a series of M2/M3 Bradley Armoured Fighting Vehicles which have been made available for sale to the Greek Army. The offer is for vehicles which are currently in storage and are being offered at a low price. It is unknown how much it will cost to restore these vehicles to active duty.

The German government followed a few days later with an offer for 160 second hand Leo 2A4 tanks (see details here). This move was seen as a gesture of good faith with regards to the submarine issue but it seems this move could be a way for the German side to promote the sale of second hand Marder 1A3 vehicles to the Greek Army.

This can be seen in the context of a statement made by Assistant Minister of Defence Beglitis who said that all defence procurements will be re-evaluated from scratch. This makes the purchase of the Russian built BMP-3 less likely.


  1. Not very useful vehicles (Bradleys) where the norm is IEDs.
    The BMP-3 are already dated are they not coming with the BMP-4 coming down the pipeline. Better electronics etc.
    Big problem with the German LEOs are that they have no ability for the ground troops to talk to the tank crews (i.e., tanks usually have a communication pod on the back that contains a direct link to the crews via a phone etc) and not to mention the electronics and sightings have to be brought up to date.

  2. Greek Leo-2A6 Hell all Leo-1 and M48/60 have communication pod on the back that contains a direct link to the crews via a phone. Only Leo-2A4 doesn’t have the communication pod.

    M2 Bradley is the benchmark for modern western infantry fighting vehicles. For modern conventional warfare, M2 Bradley is the most capable vehicle out there.