Friday, October 30, 2009

Air Space Violations of the Day

DefenceNet reports that today a formation of 6 Turkish Air Force fighter jets entered the Athens FIR without submitting flight plans. This formation breached Greek air space on 4 occassions. 2 of the 6 aircraft were armed and the event took place in the Northern Aegean.

All aircraft were intercepted and identified by Hellenic Air Force interceptors.


  1. the only answer is take them down as 1996 turkish f16 was shot down.this is the only language they know.Greece has to make a big costly decision,give them a finall warning and then go for,will never change and might get worse you deal with uncivilise country they know only fear.I know the economy is bad,cant get worse.Dont make another Cyprus in aegean sea which by the way was greek lake since the earthwas flat.I dont think Turkey likes if the greek navy exersise in the middle of the sea of Marmara its more then 6 milles from both the turkish coastline .

  2. Greece can't take down the fighter jets of another NATO member. In fact, I think Turkey exploits the safety provided by mutual NATO membership and violates Greece's territory.