Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bodrum Corvette in Dry Dock

The Greek blog “Εν κρυπτώ” (En Kripto) reports that the Turkish Navy Corvette Bodrum (F-501) is currently in dry dock. Several weeks ago Greek media reported that this Corvette ran aground in Greek territorial waters off the island of Kastellorizo. Instead of talking the quickest route through Greek waters (harmless passage as provided for in the UN Convention on the Law Of the Sea) the Turkish Captain plotted a course close to the island’s harbour, in what only can be presumed to be a show of force.

During the ship’s impact with the Koutsoumba rock it apparently lost its sonar dome. In the following days the Greek Navy was alerted by local fishermen that some metallic objects had been spotted just under the surface of the water. Greek Navy divers identified the objects as parts of the Bodrum’s sonar dome. The Turkish Navy has not confirmed the incident. If the Bodrum is indeed in dry dock as “En Kripto” reports then it is almost certain the Turkish ship hit the rocks.

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